The Best of Jack Nicholson

In honor of the birthday of the irreplaceable and incomparable Jack Nicholson (one of my all-time favorite actors, right up there with the likes of Richard Burton and William Holden), who today turns 79, I present this list of my 10 very favorite Nicholson performances...

10. Prizzi's Honor (as Charley Partanna)

9. Batman (as The Joker)

8. Terms of Endearment (as Garrett Breedlove)

7. The Last Detail (as Billy "Badass" Buddusky)

6. About Schmidt (as Warren Schmidt)

5. Five Easy Pieces (as Bobby Dupea)

4. The Shining (as Jack Torrance)

3. Ironweed (as Francis Phelan)

2. Chinatown (as Jake Gittes)

1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (as Randle Patrick "Mac" McMurphy)