1934 Best Original Song - Bing vs. Fred & Ginger x2

WON: "The Continental," The Gay Divorcee

SHOULD'VE WON: "Love in Bloom," She Loves Me Not

The Academy's inaugural Best Original Song showdown included a mere three nominees - a far cry from the 10 nominations, for instance, that would crowd this category a few years later, in 1938. Nominated were tracks from two Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers vehicles and then one, "Love in Bloom," from an early Bing Crosby picture. I'm afraid to report none of the three songs are terribly memorable, though, to be fair, they sound pretty darn fine in comparison to the latest victor in this category, "Writing's on the Wall."

Both "Carioca" and "The Continental" are peppy and listenable-enough, but instantly forgettable as mere audio tracks. ("The Continental" prevailed, no doubt, on account of the glorious dance number it was included in.) Ultimately, I most like "Love in Bloom," which, while no "White Christmas" or "Pennies from Heaven," nonetheless showcases that legendary Crosby voice and is a rich, smooth listen.