2019 Movie Report Card

I’m afraid, for now at least, I do not have the time to pen my usual reviews for 2019’s film releases - odds are, my Oscar coverage this year will also prove a tad sparse.

I shall, however, keep this list of the year’s pictures I’ve seen updated with simple grades - and, no doubt, you’ll hear from me raving and/or bitching about some of them on Twitter.

Happy moviegoing! :)

The Farewell - A-
Long Shot - A-
Crawl - B+
Judy - B+
Ma - B+
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - B+
The Secret Life of Pets 2 - B+
Toy Story 3 - B+
Booksmart - B
Brittany Runs a Marathon - B
Child’s Play - B
Good Boys - B
Happy Death Day 2U - B
Joker - B
Late Night - B-
Pet Semetary - B-
Us - B-
What Men Want - C