Andrew's 2015 WGA Awards predictions

Best Original Screenplay

  1. Josh Singer & Tom McCarthy, Spotlight
  2. Jonathan Herman, Andrea Berloff., S. Leigh Savidge and Alan Wenkus, Straight Outta Compton
  3. Matt Charman and Ethan & Joel Coen, Bridge of Spies
  4. Amy Schumer, Trainwreck
  5. Taylor Sheridan, Sicario

Best Adapted Screenplay

  1. Charles Randolph and Adam McKay, The Big Short
  2. Drew Goddard, The Martian
  3. Phyllis Nagy, Carol
  4. Aaron Sorkin, Steve Jobs
  5. John McNamara, Trumbo

Any result besides Spotlight and The Big Short emerging triumphant here would be a remarkable surprise. They are, after all, alongside The Revenant, the Best Picture Oscar front-runners. Spotlight in particular seems a safe bet, with Straight Outta Compton perhaps a dark horse there (though its chances of an upset at SAG were better). The Martian and Carol cannot be entirely counted out, but following The Big Short's PGA win, it seems a pretty safe bet too to prevail.